Tuesday, June 25, 2013


For a while now I wanted to make Arduino based Memory card reader.
There are already number of ways to read a Memory Card (LPT playsaver, DexDrive, PS2 with uLaunch, PS3 with MC adapter, etc...) but getting another alternative can't hurt, right?

Anyway, to build this reader you will need Arduino (or compatible board), connector for Memory Card, Wires and a Soldering iron.

Connect everything according to the following scheme:

After you get all that connect your Arduino to PC via USB cable (make sure to have FTDI drivers installed) and upload a sketch (.ino file) which you can download on the bottom of this post.

Now just run command line utility called "MemCARDuino.exe" and set the parameters:
Usage: MemCARDuino [options] <filename> <COM port>

<filename>              :Name of the file to read from or write to.
<COM port>            :Name of the COM port MemCARDuino is connected to.

-r <Read>               :Read Memory Card from MemCARDuino.
-w <Write>              :Write Memory Card to MemCarduino.
Example: MemCARDuino -r Memorycard.mcr COM1
Note that you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Comment if you had success (or found some bugs maybe).
Support for MemCARDduino is implemented in MemcardRex 1.8 and newer.

I designed this to require as little hardware as possible and while some
Memory Cards work great some do not (mostly 3rd part ones).

If you have a non working Memory Card try connection external 7.6 V
to 7.6 V pin on Memory Card (see schematic for pin number) and try then.
Do not forget to connect ground together (Arduino, Memory Card and external power supply).

Disclaimer: Remember, you are doing this on your own risk. I am not
responsible if you fry your equipment  or you lose all your saves on the Memory Card.

Updated to version 0.3 on 2013-10-26.

Download link:
MemCARDuino (grab MemCARDuino.ino file).